Special Discount

Claim Your Discount

Services such as police, ambulance, NHS, Fire Service will receive a 10% Discount code to enter at checkout which will be verified via their work email.

Students and selected organisations are also eligible to claim an exclusive discount code.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Discount Rules:

– One discount a day per email
– Code valid for 24 hours
– No sharing of code
– Code valid for one order

Why is my Email not working?

If the second part of your email slightly differs from our approved list of Email addresses, this could be the cause of the error you see.

If you feel you should be eligible, please send us your email address (e.g @nhs.net), via the contact form and we can add the address to our approved list.

Organisation Discount Request
The Egg Drop has partnered with a few local organisations to offer an exclusive discount for employees to enjoy freshly delivered breakfast.

You can nominate your organisation using the form below:

  • This will be used to notify whether or not your organisation has been accepted.
  • This is the second part of your work email for example @nhs.net.

The Egg Drop Rewards = Money off!!

You can now receive points for every order, how you use these points is up to you. Little by little, or save them up for later. The points will equate to £££ showing you how much money you have got off.

Points Terms

– 1 Point every £15 spent
– 1 Point = £1.00
– Points Expire After 6 Months
– Point Value may change without notice.